B2B Lead Agency Telemarketing Service

Ringing up extra sales

Getting telephone campaigns just right is a fine art which requires the services of a specialist team, so if you find telemarketing a pain, the chances are it is not your fault. In-fact, it can have a dramatic impact on your demand generation activity and your chances of closing complex sales, but buying in the expertise is very easy.

As leading experts in demand generation for complex sales, we know what it takes to create empathy over the phone and build conversations with prospects. We can offer you multilingual telephone services in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, with access to additional languages as required from our network of skilled freelance staff.

To gather detailed information and build a rapport with your customers and prospects, nothing quite beats the telephone.

Depending on your needs you could expect to gain:

  • Qualified leads
  • A successful, targeted appointment programme
  • A team of motivated telemarketers
  • Increased attendance at an events
  • Greater account penetration and profiling
  • Market research into your customer base
  • A dedicated lead-nurturing programme

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