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Our clients come to us because they know that B2B telemarketing isn’t a numbers game. It’s all about intelligent phone dialogue, plus the determination to convert unqualified business prospects into high quality sales opportunities.

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Most telemarketers don’t ask enough questions. They make the mistake of talking at their prospect. Some even talk over their prospects for fear of hearing the word “No”!

Great telemarketers know how to ask questions that leave no doubt about what a prospect says and what action items need to be completed to get an appointment date closed.

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Example 1:

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The Voice:
• Polite • Professional • Persuasive
A clear call purpose sets the scene:
With the right questions, you get the right answers:

Example 2:

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The Voice:
• Well prepared • Well positioned • Well timed
Having the right voice gets you past the gate keeper:
Selling a meeting is essential:
Nurturing prospects along a journey of discovery - that's the key:

Example 3:

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The Voice:
• Setting appointment dates • Times • Expectations
Engaging interest in the 1st 3 seconds of a call:
Using tele-emails to support the phone message:
Qualifying the opportunity - to help sales team prioritise:
Getting prospects to call us back!

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