• Bad Data Could Cost

    Claw back lost sales: In a post Covid19 marketplace when businesses return to work, attention will re-focus on sales revenue targets. The battle cry: ‘get us in first’ will ring through the corridors of marketing and sales. Reactions may vary: Some marketers simply re-starting the demand gen campaigns that they put on pause. Others squeezing every pre-planned activity into the shortest timeframe possible. Everyone wants to know ‘what’s best for now‘? At B2B Lead Agency […]

  • Cold calls redirected to home office?

    What should we be aiming for over the next few months when the cold calls that we make get redirected to home offices? We keep going – because we’re calling via an office switch with legitimate reasoning We benchmark success with the 30/50/50 rule ..A rule of three parts: Reach rate: Keep tabs on how […]

  • #BDR Red Flags: Beware

    If you’re wondering what the best option is, check-in here: FOUR QUICK QUESTIONS: Are your KPIs below/above the industry average? Are team members motivated? Are workflows joined-up? Are QC audits in place? Read the detailed article

  • What to Avoid with a Prospect

    5 Things to Avoid on Your ‘First Date’ With a Prospect You finally landed that hard-won first date with a prospect. It’s exciting, yet common to get those first date jitters leading up to the initial meeting with a potential buyer. In preparation, you’ll probably practice and hone what you’re going to say — your […]

  • Sales Development Courtship

    The Courtship of Sales Development: One of the great things that we’ve learned about sales development programs over the last two decades is you get to see how different companies approach the sales and marketing process — especially the sales development stage. As you can imagine, we’ve seen and frankly tried multiple tactics to engage […]

  • Elements for a Winning Sales Pitch

    So what separates the good from the bad? During my 35-year career in sales development, I’ve built and seen many sales pitches. I’ve also been pitched-to by numerous salespeople — some good and some bad. To find out the difference, our call analyst Jo Saviour, screened over 500 sales calls in an 8-month period. What […]

  • 2020 Marketing Heroes

    Making Marketing Heroes in 2020 with bulletproof ideas to convert more leads into prospects. 68% of buyers hide their purchase plans UNTIL they trust a brand enough.So how many buyers are hiding in your CRM and how do you find them? 87% of buyers want to feel that they’re educating themselves.So initial stage conversations need […]

  • De-Risk your 2019 sales strategy

    PLAY TO YOUR BUYERS’ MINDSET We’re on a mission to help you break away from the pack. As you select vendors for your next lead gen programme – consider this framework. The square peg in a round hole We all share the same challenge. Buyer behaviour has changed. Your prospects have learnt how to: handle […]