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  • Reduce Appointment No Shows

    Reducing Appointment No Shows To secure ROI from appointment setting initiatives, three key elements must be in place.: A Specific Skill Set A P2P Message Sequence A target for the number of appointments ‘accepted’ Find out more by watching the video:

  • How to use landing pages to generate leads

    How to use landing pages to generate leads Inbound marketing relies on landing pages to take your potential customers through the sakes funnel, unlike the regular information pages on your website, they are designed to drive action. They have a specific goal: to convert visitors who land there into leads, or to promote direct sales, in […]

  • B2B lead generation and social media networking – what works?

    I’ve spoken a lot lately about the virtues of tapping into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and the like.  But when faced with such a bewildering array of possibilities, how do you make start? Unless you’re already very well known, or have a strong existing online presence, setting up a profile on a social networking site […]

  • Where ‘push’ meets ‘pull’ – outbound and inbound integrated strategies

    A recent study by Marketing Sherpa found that 80% of business to business purchasing decision makers claim to proactively find a supplier when they’re ready to buy, rather than responding to a supplier who contacts them. In our experience, however, most businesses spend around 90% of their efforts on outbound marketing and just 10% on […]

  • 3 vital steps towards successful B2B lead generation

    Use dedicated account managers to contact your prospects Many businesses and outsourced lead generation providers use multiple representatives to contact the same prospect. Big mistake! Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers…  Not only will they feel they’re being passed from pillar to post, they’ll also have little chance of developing an ongoing […]

  • 9 Key points to finding your ‘hungry crowd’

    I often speak about the importance of delivering high quality supporting material when marketing to prospects. But what does this mean in practice? Well, lest we put the cart before the horse, let’s talk about basics first.   Be clear and concise Posting random facts and figures about your company is never likely to attract much […]

  • Planning a successful channel lead generation programme

    One of the few consolations of England being knocked out of the World Cup was that I was able to enjoy the remainder of the competition without the inconvenience of being emotionally involved. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures to enjoy watching a game of football purely for its own sake, and without caring overly […]