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  • The enduring value of B2B telemarketing done well

    Cold calling has long been an essential tool of the B2B marketer.  But with so many new ways of generating leads these days, why should we continue to bother with the phone? Because despite the twin evils of universal voicemail and elusive decision makers, the telephone remains one of the most powerful and instantaneous lead […]

  • 3 vital steps towards successful B2B lead generation

    Use dedicated account managers to contact your prospects Many businesses and outsourced lead generation providers use multiple representatives to contact the same prospect. Big mistake! Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers…  Not only will they feel they’re being passed from pillar to post, they’ll also have little chance of developing an ongoing […]

  • 9 Key points to finding your ‘hungry crowd’

    I often speak about the importance of delivering high quality supporting material when marketing to prospects. But what does this mean in practice? Well, lest we put the cart before the horse, let’s talk about basics first.   Be clear and concise Posting random facts and figures about your company is never likely to attract much […]

  • Top SME appointment setting tips: (for your sales team and channel partners)

    Top appointment setting tips for targeting SME decision makers  Despite the inexorable rise in popularity of Web 2.0, Google Adwords and social media marketing, when it comes to appointment setting, in my experience old fashioned cold calling on the telephone remains the fastest and most cost effective means of getting sales people in front of […]

  • 5 Top, tried and tested, B2B appointment setting techniques

    Throughout my many years in the B2B lead generation business, it’s fair to say that I’ve learnt a thing or two about effective appointment setting (it would be a sorry state of affairs if I hadn’t!). Not that I do much appointment setting myself these days; I’m too busy running the business  here at B2b […]