Making Marketing Heroes in 2020 with bulletproof ideas to convert more leads into prospects.

  1. 68% of buyers hide their purchase plans UNTIL they trust a brand enough.
    So how many buyers are hiding in your CRM and how do you find them?
  2. 87% of buyers want to feel that they’re educating themselves.
    So initial stage conversations need to push fresh information, NOT solutions
  3. 49% of buyers watch videos as part of their buying process, and most watch a single video for at least 5 minutes.
    So are you showing-off your value with a personalised showreel?
  4. LinkedIn is no longer an extra channel for publishing or promoting content – it’s an appointment setting platform if used properly.
    So have you invested in ghost writers to empower top sales people?

As an outsourced sales team we spend 100% of our time; making calls, qualifying leads and building rapport on social media for tech sales teams. Why? Because it doesn’t happen otherwise, no matter how many sales personnel you recruit.

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