Data Cleansing & Enhancement

Clean up & Unearth a golden opportunity

Right now, your business is sitting on a goldmine of customer and suspect information that can help you succeed in creating continual demand for complex sales. Like gold, though, this information is often hidden, and needs expert knowledge and painstaking effort to be uncovered and refined before it has any real value.

It is well worth going to the trouble of addressing data issues. Good data is fundamental to the effectiveness of any B2B campaign and will dramatically improve the response rates and cost effectiveness of your demand generation campaigns.

Talk to us if you’re looking to:

  • Carry out a data discovery and audit exercise to find all the pots of data you may have, and get an executive report on its usability.
  • Clean, consolidate and enhance your data to make sure you have a unified view of your customers and prospects and don’t get caught out by the 7% that change postal address, the 25% that change email address and the 30% that change job title each year.
  • Analyse, profile and segment your data to maximise the relationship-building potential of your campaigns.
  • Purchase additional data to fill the gaps in your existing prospect list (with hundreds of campaigns under our belt, we know which lists to avoid and can negotiate the best deals on your behalf).
  • Outsource the building and management of your marketing database, utilising our data management systems will ensure you can get a single view of your prospect lists online anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about dealing with unsubscribe requests or cleansing data during campaigns

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