Channel Marketing Programmes

Demand generation for you and your channel

It’s quicker than recruiting and provides the right mix of skills, so you get instant results with minimum effort.

  • Assist with start-up marketing by planning, executing and measuring campaigns which comply with corporate guidelines but can be localised for maximum regional effectiveness.
  • Create and use a virtual marketing team to boost your in-house capabilities or take on special projects.
  • Improve campaign strategy, planning and management using a six-step process covering research, list building, production, campaign delivery, response handling and analysis.
  • Find consultants who can help with your e-marketing strategy to maximise the success of campaigns, putting your business in a stronger position than your competitors and maximising your return on marketing campaign investment.
  • Manage and support events, whether it is increasing your presence at trade shows or conferences, adding more events to your marketing plan or organising seminars without having to take on additional in-house resources.
  • Plan and buy media as part of an online advertising strategy, either creating creative and media campaigns from scratch or working to make your existing campaigns work harder, saving you time and money by buying valuable space at rock-bottom rates.
  • Find experienced temporary replacements for vacancies or staff on leave.
  • Clean and manage your customer and prospect database(s) to ensure your campaigns always hit the mark.
  • Augment your marketing strategy with outsourced telemarketing services for customer acquisition or polling campaigns.

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