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A New Regulation = A New Approach to Marketing Compliance

We think you’ll need companies like ours to help find new customers in light of GDPR.

The proposed ePrivacy Regulation is the BIG ONE to impact UK B2B sales & marketing in 2019.

If implemented as drafted, it may mean you’ll need to get prior consent (permission) for using email, mobile phone numbers, social media handles and so forth.

So planning for marketing compliance in 2019 means looking at alternative ways to reach and engage prospective new customers.
It’s not simply an administration exercise to complete your ‘Legitimate Interest Forms’….

Now is the time to consider outbound calling as part of your 2019 marketing plan.

Stopping a stranger and saying hello is hard for most people. Even the most gregarious sales professionals shy away from cold calling.

And that’s why companies use us to phone new business prospects on their behalf and generate qualified sales leads.

We say ‘hello’ over 1,000 times every day in over 8 languages. We’ve tele-prospected for technology companies like; SugarCRM, Axway, Intel, Verisec, F-Secure…And we’d like to connect you to new customers too.

Learn more about our inside sales services in Europe, North and South America by calling: 01256 853357.

Read more about the new ePrivacy Regulation and how the DMA are still campaigning to reduce its impact on UK B2B marketers.

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