Sales Success in 2019

It all comes down to a good 4-step strategy

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  1. Who will DISRUPT?
    • If you’ve found your competitive edge this year, you’ll want to act fast with a disruptive lead generation initiative to attract buyers.
    • Who’ll blitz key markets with outbound messages that drive you forwards before competitors catch-up.
  2. Who will EXPEDITE?
    • Because your buying cycle is complex, you’ll want to steer decision makers with a meaningful business case as soon as they agree to engage.
    • Who’ll get them on-side quickly, knowing that 75% of buyers prefer to evaluate solutions initially by phone or conference call. *
  3. Who will DEFEND & EXPAND?
    • Because it’s key to re-coup the costs you incurred to acquire new customers
    • Who’ll keep them close and get them purchasing more? Who’ll manage to expand customer relationships week-by-week?
  4. Who will FISH?
    • If your future profits rely on re-engaging lapsed customers or targeting your competitors’ customers, who’ll haul them in?

You’ll have a revenue target assigned to all four of these buying scenarios, but is the right resource and timeline assigned yet?

Let’s share how we open doors for inside sales teams and field sales professionals to yield bigger wins from the strategic areas above.

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